Tool Suppliers

Woodsmith Experience

is the online toolstore of woodsmith Maurice Pyle. Maurice is based in the North East of England with a new shop in Whitley Bay. I have very fond memories of the first few spoon carving courses I ran at Maurice’s old workshop at the Flint Mill. in the grounds of the Beamish Museum.  Maurice supplies green woodworking tools and books f as well as other woody goods and services. That's Maurice using a very nice Hans Karlsson Carpenters Axe.

Woodland Craft Supplies 

Woodland Craft Supplies is run by Matthew Robinson. Matthew’s company supplies green woodworking books and tools using a traditional mail order system. A great site to get hold of Hans Karlsson gouges

Ben and Lois Orford 

Ben and Lois Orford make handmade carving tools, bushcraft knives and leather goods. They make some great hook knives in various sizes and I use them on my courses. 


Dictum are a German company, but both the website and paper catalogue are also available in English. They specialise in fine tools and have an excellent range of Scandinavian hand forged edge tools. Their other specialism is in quality Japanese tools. .

 Old Tools 

I’ve been very pleased with the service from Matt Francis at Old Tools Ltd when I bought a lovely old Disston rip saw from him recently. The saw was well packaged with recyclable packaging material and a good parcel delivery service was used that allowed me to track my package. I’ve no hesitation in recommending his well laid out site for old and vintage woodworking tools, including a good selection of green woodworking tools as well. 

If you are interested in making your own carving knife, the Finnish web-site Brisa can provide the blades, horn, wood etc. Some simple how to guides on the site as well. It may be in Finland, but its all priced in euros. Superb photos of hand made knives to inspire as well. This is Del Stubbs’ website. Del is an American spoon carver who sells specialist knives. The site has an excellent gallery and includes good information on spooncarving techniques, including the technique of kolrossing, which allows intricate patterns to be made on spoons and bowls. . Another great Finnish website, with a focus on hunting, shooting and fishing but with a range of knives, axes and other tools. I've used this site and received really good service to the UK

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